Optimal Care is What You Deserve and What You Will Get If Dr. Rutrick is your Orthodontist!


“When I was a little girl I hated my teeth and my mother was told about Dr. Rutrick. I wore braces and alot of stuff that I kinda hated.  At the end my teeth were pretty and as I matured I realized what Dr. Rutrick did when I was a little girl had a profound effect on my adult face. Thank You Dr. Rutrick!”


“I was born with a bad Cleft Lip and Palate. The Chief of Plastic Surgery (Paul W. Black M.D.) sent me to Dr. Rutrick who made me a baby denture and molded my face together preparing me for my first surgery. Dr. Black did a wonderful job. Then he told Dr. Rutrick that my teeth were goofy and asked him If he could nomalize my bite and change the way it was affecting my face. As you can see Dr. Rutrick, Dr. Black and the cranial surgeon took me all the way to beautiful:) Thanks Doc!”


“I came to Dr. Rutrick with facial pains and headaches. I could not sleep from the intense pain that I was experiencing, So I can truly say Dr. Rutrick was a Godsend!”