Dr. Rutrick’s extensive portfolio of excellence is vivid proof that he possesses not only knowledge and skill… but a passionate gift

Some teeth are so crowded that there doesn’t seem to be enough room. The usual solution for many orthodontists is to remove some teeth to free up space for those that remain. However, the majority of Dr. Rutrick’s cases do not require the removal of permanent teeth.

TMJ Disorders

Dr. Rutrick’s case studies of over 100 patients have revealed that over 80% of those suffering with TMJD have symptoms of tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Many patients have found relief with a simple, customized orthodontic appliance. Consultation with Dr. Rutrick can help you determine if the cause of your problem comes from a TMJ disorder and discuss your treatment options.

Cleft Palate

Dr. Rutrick has assisted patients who have had treatment for their cleft lip or palate. He has had excellent success restoring function as well as an aesthetic appearance in a timely manner.